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Image illustrating the Chewing Gum Remover System with 24 x 7 continuous steam capability, designed for relentless and effective gum removal.

Chewing Gum Removal

Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.
Main view of a steam cleaning machine by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
Image showcasing the robust and powerful industrial-grade steam cleaning equipment by Duplex Cleaning Machines.

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Commercial Cleaning

Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.

Chewing Gum Remover System: Advanced Cleaning Technology

Image showing the Chewing Gum Remover System, a versatile tool designed for effective removal of gum from various surfaces.
The Duplex Chewing Gum Remover is a specialised tool attached to a steam vacuum system, designed specifically for the efficient removal of chewing gum and wax from various surfaces.Ideal for use on hard surfaces and carpets, this system combines the effectiveness of portable steam cleaners and steam vacuum systems for quick and easy gum removal.


Apply high-temperature steam to soften the gum
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Introduce a specialised detergent to enhance removal efficiency
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Use the vacuum system to completely remove gum residue
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Steam the grime and vacuum away the mess

Advantages of Using the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover


Water Efficiency: 94% dry steam reduces water use by nearly 99%, using just two litres per hour.


Portability: Compact design for easy transport, ideal for varied locations.


Ease of Use: Simple, upright operation, no bending or kneeling.


Speed & Efficiency: Rapid cleaning with minimal mess, less cleanup time.


Indoor Use: Low moisture and noise, suitable for indoor environments.


Carpet Safe: Gently removes gum from carpets and furniture without damage.


Graffiti Removal: Efficiently tackles various types of graffiti.


Versatile Tooling: Includes tools for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

Unique Features of the CHEWING GUM REMOVER

Image showing the Chewing Gum Remover System, a versatile tool designed for effective removal of gum from various surfaces.

Specialised Tooling for Precision Cleaning

The Duplex Chewing Gum Remover is equipped with an innovative tool head designed for simultaneous steaming and extraction of gum.
This efficient design ensures the gum is softened by the steam and then immediately extracted, leaving the surface clean and free of residue.
Optimised to focus steam precisely on the gum, it is highly effective on tough, well-set gum spots.
Image depicting the Chewing Gum Detergent Injection system, an innovative cleaning solution specifically designed to dissolve and remove gum residues.

Enhanced Efficiency with Detergent Injection

The detergent injection function is a key feature of the system, which boosts the gum removal process.
Injecting a powerful cleaning solution directly into the steam stream enhances the system's ability to break down stubborn gum.
This versatile feature adapts to various types of surfaces and gum residues.
Image displaying the Chewing Gum Remover Vacuum System, showcasing its ability to efficiently extract gum residues after treatment.

Built-in Vacuum System for Clean Extraction

The built-in vacuum system is integral to the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover.
It extracts gum as it is steamed, ensuring a clean finish. This feature not only removes the gum but also any residue and moisture, enhancing the cleanliness and hygiene of the treated area.
Image illustrating the Chewing Gum Remover System with 24 x 7 continuous steam capability, designed for relentless and effective gum removal.

Continuous Steam Production for Uninterrupted Operation

The system's ability to produce continuous steam is essential for maintaining operational efficiency.
This continuous steam flow is vital for effective cleaning, especially in commercial or public spaces where quick cleaning is crucial.
The high-temperature steam effectively softens even the most stubborn gum residues.

Multi-functional Toolkit for Diverse Applications

The Duplex Chewing Gum Remover comes with a comprehensive multi-functional toolkit.
This extends its functionality beyond gum removal, allowing for applications like graffiti removal and general cleaning.
The toolkit includes various brushes and nozzles, suitable for different cleaning tasks.
Image showing the Chewing Gum Multi-functional Toolkit, part of the Chewing Gum Remover System, equipped with various tools for effective gum removal.
Image of the Chewing Gum Transportable Unit, a portable part of the Chewing Gum Remover System, designed for on-the-go gum removal applications.

Transportable Unit for Enhanced Mobility

Featuring an inbuilt trolley, the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover is designed for easy transportation.
This mobility is particularly beneficial for cleaning teams who need to move the machine between locations.
Its compact size and portability make it ideal for use in various settings.

Machines for the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover

Recommended Equipment for Efficient Gum Removal

The Duplex Chewing Gum Remover, an innovative solution for removing gum, reaches its full potential when combined with specialised equipment.
These machines are specifically selected for their effectiveness in gum removal, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough cleaning process.
Jetsteam Tosca steam cleaner, combining elegance with powerful cleaning.
Jetsteam Maxi
A depiction of the TrueTemp™ technology featured in the Jetsteam Maxi Inox series from Duplex Cleaning Machines, emphasizing its advanced temperature control system.
Jetsteam Maxi Inox
Evo Detergent
Image showcasing the Supersteam Technology feature of the JetVac Junior.
Jetvac junior
Image of the JetVac Inox steam vacuum machine.
Jetvac Inox
Steam Pressure



Chewing Gum Remover Kit

Our revolutionary steam system effectively removes all types of chewing gum residue from any surface. The combined action of our steam generators, wet and dry vacuum, and specialised detergent ensures the complete removal of chewing gum in a short time frame.
Image showcasing the Chewing Gum Kit, a comprehensive set of tools from the Chewing Gum Remover System, for effective gum removal on various surfaces.
Bivap Gum 10L
Chewing Gum Tool with Floor Nozzle
45° Curved Bayonette Lance
Carpet Nozzle
Stainless-steel Brush T50
Threaded triangular brush 28mm
Threaded nylon brush 28mm
Chewing Gum Remover Kit Details
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