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Jetvac Force

Most Powerful,
Portable Dry Vapour Steam Cleaner

Image showcasing the robust and powerful industrial-grade steam cleaning equipment by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.
Main view of a steam cleaning machine by Duplex Cleaning Machines.

Fast, Effective and High Quality

Commercial Cleaning

Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.

Jetvac Force: The Pinnacle of Steam Vac Machines

Jetvac Force in operation, delivering high-pressure steam cleaning and extraction.
The Jetvac Force stands as a paragon of heavy-duty steam vac machinery. With its resilient stainless steel chassis and body, and watertight IPX5 design, it promises continuous steam flow, a robust vacuum drum, and high-capacity boilers and water tanks. This powerhouse is adept at connecting directly to a water supply or operating as a portable unit with high-pressure steam, available in 10 bar models and adaptable for three-phase power.


Tap water only. No chemical Needed

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Heat up the boiler

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Choose the steam cleaning tool for the job

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Adjust the steam pressure


Tap & Hose Direct Connection

Boiler Volume

Water Capacity

Detergent Capacity

Steam Pressure

Steam Temperature

Machine Weight

Power Supply

Power Cord

Discover Jetvac Force



Versatile machine


Powerful steam: kills bacteria and microorganisms within seconds


Deodorises as it cleans


Very easy to use


Decontaminates even in hard-to-reach areas


Compact design: easy storage


Excellent accessories: commercial heavy duty and designed for many tasks


Built to last a lifetime

Detailed dimensions of the Jetvac Force, showcasing its compact design and space efficiency for enhanced usability in various cleaning environments.
Advanced Self Cleaning Boilers

The boiler stands as the essential core of all steam cleaners, and we take immense pride in housing the industry's finest.

Our boilers, crafted from premium AISI 304 stainless steel and secured with Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, guarantee consistent high-temperature steam production irrespective of water quality.

Be it hard, mineral-rich, soft, or purified. A standout feature? These boilers are self-cleaning, translating to minimal maintenance needs.

Feature Benefit
Self Cleaning No additional chemicals needed to remove calcium deposit build-up
Low maintenance Simply unscrew the valve to release the calcium deposits
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Highest quality stainless steel - "indestructible"
Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding Boilers last much longer. Very high quality welding technique that produces a pure AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with no contamination
Encapsulated Heating Elements Replaceable heating elements. No need to change entire boiler

Continuous, Uninterrupted Steam Cleaning

Discover unparalleled efficiency with the Jetvac Force, an industrial steam vacuum cleaner crafted for continuous action. Equipped with a substantial 14-litre water tank, it delivers uninterrupted service, enabling you to tackle extensive cleaning jobs with superior productivity.
The Jetvac Force's non-pressurised system allows for on-the-fly refilling of the water tank, even whilst in use, epitomising the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, thereby offering significant cost savings. The 'connect and go' feature is a hallmark of its design excellence, providing limitless refilling capacity to support the most demanding cleaning requirements.


With the Jetvac Force, safety is a top priority. Its production of low-humidity dry steam significantly lowers burn risks, positioning it as one of the safest industrial steam vacuum cleaners on the market.
Proceed with your cleaning operations with enhanced assurance and tranquillity, knowing that the Jetvac Force is engineered to minimise operational hazards.


Opt for the Jetvac Force and commit to environmentally responsible cleaning methods. This exceptional steam vacuum cleaner utilises simple tap water to achieve impressive cleaning results, foregoing the need for costly and abrasive chemicals.
The Jetvac Force transcends the capabilities of a standard steam cleaner. It stands as a vanguard for eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning, offering a powerful solution that's kind to both nature and your budget.


Perfect steam cleaning accomplice for tile and grout restoration, mattress and upholstery cleaning, kitchen cleaning and general steam cleaning needs.
Carpet & Hard Floors
Tile and Grout
Chewing Gum
Food Manufacturing
Conveyor Belts
Industrial Spare Parts

Unique Features

Jetvac Force's powerful vacuum in action, seamlessly extracting dirt and moisture post-steam cleaning.

Advanced Superheated Dry Steam Vapour

Elevate your cleaning with the Jetvac Force, not just any steamer. It produces superheated steam at over +180 degrees Celsius and pressures reaching 10 bar,

delivering a comprehensive DEEP CLEAN. Its steam, with a mere 5% water content, ensures that surfaces like upholstery and furniture are dried swiftly, sparing you the wait.

24/7 continuous steam for uninterrupted cleaning operations.

24/7 Continuous Operation Capability

Designed for non-stop use, the Jetvac Force's CONNECT AND GO feature allows for a direct hose connection, ensuring a constant water supply and eliminating the need for refills, thus avoiding any interruption in your cleaning process.

Dynamic Debris Blaster

The Jetvac Force is armed with a hot water injection feature that powerfully dislodges and washes away stubborn debris and accumulation, leaving behind nothing but cleanliness.

Close-up image of the debris blaster tool from Duplex Cleaning Machines.
Digital interface display by Duplex Cleaning Machines.

Intelligent Control System

The Jetvac Force is engineered with an advanced digital control panel that includes a unique timer function, empowering the machine to start up and operate autonomously.
This intuitive control panel provides immediate feedback on steam temperature, pressure, and water supply status, simplifying the user experience.


The safest steam cleaner
Equipped with advanced safety devices: an automatic shut-off, a thermal overload, an electromagnetic float, and two pressure relief values.

Industrial Strength Tool Versatility

With a comprehensive array of robust and durable accessories, the Jetvac Force is adept at tackling industrial cleaning tasks, including those involving barrels, vats, tanks, and bottling lines, all consolidated into one versatile unit.

The Jetsteam Evo Detergent steam cleaner, designed for total control over steam cleaning tasks, ensuring optimal results on every surface.


Each of our supersteamers features TrueTemp technology. This tackles probe failures from calcium build-up in traditional steamers, ensuring stable temperatures and reducing machine and safety risks.
TrueTemp enables precise boiler refills, using the exact water amount needed. It's unaffected by calcium and works with all water types, from hard to purified."
TrueTemp™ Technology featured in the Duplex steam cleaner.
Image showing the AISI 304 stainless steel


The Jetvac Force is meticulously designed, featuring a stainless steel AISI 304 boiler and body, and operates at pressures of up to 10 bar. 
With a boiler volume of 7.3 litres and a water tank capacity of 14 litres, it stands as a powerhouse in commercial steam cleaning.


At its core, the Jetvac Force houses a boiler that embodies self-cleaning excellence, automatically dispelling and breaking up dirt, ensuring that the machine operates at optimum performance levels.
Crafted with a stainless steel chassis and body, and equipped with watertight IPX5, continuous steam flow, and high-capacity boilers and water tanks, it stands as an epitome of durability and relentless performance.
Close-up view of the AISI 304 stainless steel used in Duplex Cleaning Machines, showcasing its quality and durability.



Geyser 1 Kit

Steam accessories are designed for high temperatures, rated at 10 bar and 180°C, ideal for industrial and professional purposes.
Geyser 1 Kit for the Duplex Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Geyser 1 Hose
Geyser lance 1200mm
Geyser lance 800mm
Geyser lance 400mm(optional)
Flat nozzle
Nozzle Connection
Stainless Steel Brush
Triangular Brush (optional)
Geyser 1 Kit details

Steam Cleaning Kit

We offer additional cleaning kits that allow you to clean for specific applications. Our kits are used with our steam or steam vacuum machines and are considered an extra extension to the tools and accessories that already come with your machine.
Image displaying the meticulous cleaning of food processors in a food and beverage manufacturing facility with specialised equipment.
Mini Mop Kit
Thermoglide Kit
Bathroom Kit
Car Detailing Kit
Chewy Remover Kit
Steam Cleaning Kit details

July 10 Bar Kit

High-temperature steam accessories for use at 10 bar.
July 10 bar steam hose
10 bar extension tube
10 bar triangular brush
10 bar rectangular brush
10 bar steam lance
Brass brush Ø 28
Stainless steel brush Ø28
Stainless steel brush Ø60
July 10 Bar Kit details

Radames 10 Bar Kit

High-pressure steam/vacuum accessories, built with fibreglass-reinforced nylon, operate up to 10 bars, intended for eco-friendly, high-temperature cleaning.
Radames steam/vac hose 10 bar
10 bar Extension tube
Floor tool
Brass brush Ø28
Stainless steel brush Ø28
Stainless steel brush Ø60
Radames 10 Bar Kit details
Smart Approved Watermark logo
Duplex machines are stamped with Smart Approved WaterMark stamp
Smart Approved Water Mark is Australia's water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of it's kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved Water Mark stamp.   Learn more
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