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3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Workplace Safety

In this article, we will discuss several workplace safety concerns in the healthcare industry that may be caused by improper cleaning and demonstrate how to address these issues effectively. Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for both patients and staff in the healthcare industry. However, comprehensive and frequent cleaning may raise a number of safety issues.

1. Slip Hazards

Image shows the Duplex commercial floor steam cleaner is cleaning the vynil floor.

Traditional mop and bucket cleaning methods leave floors wet, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Instead of relying on warning signs and risking accidents in high-traffic areas, using a powerful all-in-one cleaning machine is safer and more cost-effective.

The Duplex 420 Lithium Hybrid is a versatile machine that can wash, steam, mop, scrub, dry, polish, and disinfect all surfaces. It effectively cleans awkward profile floors, tiles, rubber, timber, Flotex, and carpet, making it ideal for the healthcare industry without posing safety risks.

2. Strain and Injury

Versatile commercial floor steam cleaning machine that provides continuous and effortless cleaning across all floor types. Especially effective on tile grouts and non-slip floors, this machine surpasses traditional cleaning approaches with its powerful steam capabilities.

Traditional cleaning machines can be heavy and difficult to operate, leading to repetitive strain injuries. Frequent bending and squatting can cause soreness in the lower back and knees, potentially resulting in long-term physical and mental health issues.

Improving your employees’ working conditions is essential. Providing user-friendly commercial cleaning machines can enhance work efficiency and staff loyalty. The Duplex 420 Lithium Hybrid is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, with a vertical handle and fingertip control, allowing users to clean without excessive bending or squatting. Various accessories support cleaning different surfaces, optimising your employees’ cleaning experience.

3. Chemical Exposure

Duplex Cleaning Machines in action, showcasing efficient cleaning across various environments.
Speed Up Your Cleaning Process with Duplex’s Advanced Steam Technology.

There has been a significant push for chemical-free and water-saving cleaning, particularly in dry areas. Chemical-free cleaning is not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and cost-effective.

In the healthcare industry, improper use of chemicals can impact both patients and staff. Prolonged chemical exposure can lead to health issues. For example, the CDC reported 401 cases of work-related illness due to chemical exposure in healthcare facilities in May 2010.

The Duplex 420 Lithium Hybrid uses a chemical-free steam-vapour cleaning process, minimising the risk of chemical exposure and reducing the cost of chemical products. This superheated dry steam vapour effectively destroys bacteria and superbugs on high-touch surfaces in healthcare settings.

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