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Choosing the Most Effective Methods for Removing Chewing Gum from Different Surfaces

Image illustrating the Chewing Gum Remover System with 24 x 7 continuous steam capability, designed for relentless and effective gum removal.

Chewing gum removal can pose significant challenges when it adheres to various surfaces, creating unsightly stains and diminishing the appearance of floors, furniture, and particularly carpets. The task of removing gum can be daunting, especially in settings such as educational institutions or nightclubs where the accumulation is considerable. However, there are several effective methods, some surprisingly straightforward, that can expedite the gum removal process. In this blog, we will explore these techniques, assessing the merits and drawbacks of each, to identify the most efficient approach for different surfaces.

Traditional Methods of Gum Removal

1. The Freezing Method

This technique involves applying ice to the gum to harden it, followed by scraping it off with a plastic scraper. While effective for carpets and furniture, its efficacy diminishes on harder surfaces.

2. The Heating Method

Utilising a hairdryer or heat gun, this method softens the gum, allowing it to be wiped off with ease using a cloth. It is more suited to hard surfaces like floors and furniture, but generally less effective on carpeted areas.

3. The Chemical Solvent Method

This involves applying gum-dissolving solvents directly to the gum, leaving them to act for a few minutes before removal with a cloth. This method can be effective on a variety of surfaces but might require repeated applications for older, more stubborn gum residues.

4. The Pressure Washer Method

Employing high-pressure water streams, this method is adept at removing gum from hard outdoor surfaces such as pavements and car parks. It is less suitable for indoor surfaces and is also notably water-intensive.

The All-In-One Method: Steam Vapour Removal

A notably efficient approach involves the use of steam vapour, such as with the Duplex Jetvac Junior or Jetvac Inox steam cleaner. This method amalgamates the principles of the traditional methods—using dry heat at approximately 165°C, agitation via a brush, and occasionally a mild chemical spray, followed by vacuuming the residue. This process can remove chewing gum in mere seconds, proving both efficient and time-saving.

Advantages of Using the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover

The Duplex Chewing Gum Remover provides several benefits over conventional methods such as water blasting, freezing, scraping, and acid washing:

  • Water Efficiency: It significantly reduces water usage by nearly 99% compared to high-pressure water blasting.
  • Portability: Its compact design allows for easy transportation by councils or contract cleaners between various sites.
  • Ease and Speed: The design allows for operation in an upright position, streamlining the cleaning process and minimising mess and cleanup time.
  • Versatility: It comes equipped with standard and optional tools that can clean nearly any hard or textile surface effectively.

In conclusion, multiple methods are available for removing chewing gum from various surfaces, each with its specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the most suitable method for the surface in question is crucial to achieving the best results. For further information or to request a demonstration of the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover system, please contact us at 1800 622 772.