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Complete Thermal Sanitation, Floor Cleaning and UV Disinfection Solutions for Caravan Parks and Campsites

Caravan Park rapid disinfection solutions

Did you know that bathroom, kitchen and toilet are the most frequently visited areas within the campground, campsites and caravans?

Cleaning public caravan park facilities including bathrooms, kitchens and restrooms with limited chemicals is necessary to safeguard nature – however, if you are limited to human resources, you need to replace all those time-consuming mop-and-bucket tools.

Why Choose Steam Vapour Cleaners for Your Campsite?

Steam vapour cleaner is designed to destroy germs and bacteria quickly and thoroughly. Less water is needed, and no chemical is required. Your campsite and caravan can be cleaned in less time while simultaneously meeting the environmental standard for hygiene and cleanliness.

cleaning bathroom facilities in campsite caravan park

Effective Removal of Sticky Residues

Floor and concrete cleaning can be tricky due to sticky residues on these surfaces which can be hard to remove with conventional and traditional methods. Our steam vacuum machines are designed with a mind to assist with the extraction of hard stains and wax residues such as gums, loo, and leftover food spills.

caravan park gum surfaces removal equipment

Humanless UV Disinfection: Effortless and Efficient

Lastly, humanless UV disinfection that requires no human cleaning operation can be done between check-out and check-in hours or even overnight, which can disinfect high-touch surfaces and air in common areas, such as kitchen, lobby areas, toilets, and corridors. Mobile UV Quad Light and Twin Lights can be transported across several facilities within the campsites and caravan parks to provide surface and air disinfection with UV technology.

UV Disinfection in Swim Centre

Bathrooms and kitchens are the main sources where the bacteria and viruses often infest, requiring regular maintenance and deep steam cleaning to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for your next guests to check in at caravan park facilities.

Duplex provides technologies that are clinically proven to help disinfect caravan parks, campsites and campgrounds:

Thermal sanitation on highly touched surfaces and air ensures the destruction of superbugs, viruses and bacteria using steam vapour machine or Duplex steam floor cleaners:

  • Removing stubborn carpet stains
  • Eliminating hazards, especially in slippery tiles and greasy floor
  • Removing mould in grouts
  • Upholstery and mattress cleaning
  • Escalator cleaning
  • Kitchen disinfection
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Corridors and public area cleaning
  • Mobile UV disinfection and sanitisation – using UV lights to regularly sanitise and disinfect surfaces and air.
  • MUVi Touch Point – UV disinfection system for highly touched surfaces including door knobs, keyboards, touch screens, light switches, wall buttons, and more.
  • Robot UV disinfection – UV disinfection system with Artificial Intelligence features to enable faster, more efficient disinfection automation on surfaces and air.

Call us now to find out more about our technology, or consult us with any cleaning issues within the caravan parks or campsites.