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List of Cleaning Equipment Used for Housekeeping

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Your choice of the right housekeeping cleaning equipment makes a difference in terms of your overall cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. To welcome guests to a neat and clean hotel room depends on the selection of your cleaning equipment.

Overall, cleaning equipment can be categorised into two types:

Image showing a variety of cleaning equipment used in housekeeping, including steam cleaners and floor scrubbers, by Duplex.
  • A. Manual Equipment
  • B. Mechanical Equipment

A. Manual Equipment:

Manual cleaning equipment is dependent on the operation and energy of the employees. Maximum efforts and techniques are applied by the cleaning staff with the assistance of some equipment.

  1. Microfibre cloth equipment
    Microfiber Cloth:

    Microfiber cloth is an ideal tool to wipe down surfaces in rooms, bathrooms and common areas. They can be washed up to 500 times and are a very durable product. It is soft and shouldn’t scratch surfaces.

  2. Abrasives cleaning accessory tool

    Abrasives are made of grit papers which can be used to clean wooden or metal surfaces.

  3. Different types of brushes
    Different Types of Brushes:

    Hard floor brush, soft floor brush, scrubbing brush, toilet brush, flue brash, feather brush, broom, hand brush, etc. are the different kind of brushes used to eradicate superficial or ingrained grimes depending on the nature.

  4. Broom cleaning accessory tool

    Can be used to clean hard surfaces for a quick dust up of dirt or hairs.

B. Mechanical Equipment:

Either electric or battery power is needed to operate this type of equipment. These mechanical machines will ease labour and speed up cleaning time efficiently.

  1. Vacuum cleaner equipment
    Vacuum Cleaner:

    A vacuum cleaner is a commonly used cleaning machine. It is suitable for any kind of floor or upholstery surface and easy to operate.

  2. Abrasives cleaning accessory tool
    Polishing Machine:

    A polishing machine works to get back the lost shine of your floor.

  3. Floor cleaning machines

    This is a very versatile cleaning machine to have on hand. At Duplex, we sell floorscrubbers that can clean ALL types of floors in a single pass. It can wash, scrub and dry tiles, carpets, hard floors, safety mats, industrial floors and more.

  4. steam vapour cleaning equipment
    Steam vapour Machine:

    A steam vapour machine is a great to have in your list for steam cleaning equipment for housekeeping. It will provide you with a complete deep clean, which includes both a visual and a sanitised clean. The machine should produce steam heated up to +165 degrees Celsius. Steam at this high temperature is ideal for removing bacteria from bathrooms, removing caked on grease and fats in kitchens and killing bed bugs.

At Duplex, we provide on-site training and knowledge for cleaners operating our machines, as well as tools and resources for “refresher” training if required, so there is no need to worry about technical capabilities.

Above all, keeping your equipment chemical-free is a great way to safeguard your hotel against allergic reactions and poor air quality. Getting a great clean without chemicals is the way of the future. Happy Cleaning!