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Rapid Disinfection for Cinema and Theatre Venues

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Ensuring stringent hygiene measures remains the utmost priority this year with improved and integrated cleaning practices is essential. Provide a greater deal of confidence to your patrons and staff with a better disinfection system for your cinema and theatre venues.

1. Thermal Sanitation on High-Touch Surfaces

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Elevating Cleanliness and Hygiene in Cinemas with Specialised Cleaning Equipment.

Thermal sanitation ensures the destruction of superbugs, viruses, and bacteria using steam vapour machines or the Duplex steam floor cleaner. This method allows you to:

  • Sanitise and deep clean seats, doors, furniture, and drink cup holders.
  • Thermally sanitise, disinfect, and deodorise leather and other upholstery surfaces.
  • Ensure floors and seats are completely disinfected after each day.

2. Mobile UV Disinfection

Using UV lights to regularly disinfect surfaces and air, this method eliminates bacteria, superbugs, and other viruses that often linger in crowded venues. Applications include toilet rooms, dining areas and theatres.

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3. MUVi Touch Point

This UV disinfection system targets highly touched surfaces, including:

  • Door knobs
  • Touch screens
  • Light switches
  • Elevator buttons
  • Toilet cubicles
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