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Revitalising Aged Care Floor Cleaning: The Revolution of Machines

Smooth silent corridors, polished lounges, and spotless dining rooms all contribute to the tranquillity and comfort that aged care facilities should provide. But, these immaculate spaces do not clean themselves. Amid rising standards and the ever-constant presence of hard-to-clean messes, the performance and quality of your facility’s floor-cleaning methods really matter!

Our focus today will revolve around the redefining technology that was designed to tackle aged care floor cleaning: The revolutionary machines that have stood in the gap and made aged care cleaning less daunting.

Aged Care Cleaning: A Key to Residents’ Wellness

With the growing number of ageing population in Australia, ensuring healthy and clean living environments for our aged care residents becomes a top priority. Especially in the welfare of floor surfaces which are largely populated in these facilities.

But, we know cleaning aged care facilities is not a walk in the park. It requires thoroughness, flexibility, and the ability to stand up to frequent heavy-duty cleaning.

Unveiling the Secret: Floor Cleaning Machines

One machine that has shown outstanding performance in aged care floor cleaning is the Duplex Lithium Floor Cleaner, which remarkably brings aged care floor cleaning to a new level.

Why Choose the Duplex Floor Cleaning Machines?

Duplex floor cleaning machines are synonymous with efficiency and reliability. They have been warmly embraced for their unrivalled performance, manoeuvrability, and long-term durability.

Additionally, Duplex cleaning machines maintain a stronghold on health and safety matters. Take an example of The Jetvac Eco steam cleaner, which utilises high-temperature steam to kill bacteria, thus assuring the health safety of the elderly.

Walkthrough to Maintaining Your Floor Cleaning Machine

Functionality is key. Duplex Cleaning machines have a simple design for straightforward usage. Moreover, they offer detailed guidance on maintaining your equipment.

Service Maintenance and Demo Requests

Duplex Cleaning Machines also offers servicing for it’s cleaning equipment. You can quickly request for servicing if you need an expert to check your machine.

One more thing, grab the chance to book a demo to understand exactly how the machines show up in their true element.


Aged care floor cleaning underwent a significant revolution, thanks to innovative models of floor cleaning machines. They beat the traditional cleaning methods in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and utmost adaptability to aged-care facility standards. In this article, we’ve skimmed the basics, now it’s your turn to create that soothing ambiance with clean, shiny floors in your aged care residence. This is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Your residents deserve a clean and healthy environment; embrace the revolution.