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Revolutionising Commercial Cleaning: Cutting Edge Machine Solutions


As businesses, industries, and healthcare establishments intensify their cleaning and sanitising protocols, the importance of advanced commercial cleaning equipment becomes evident. One piece of technology redefining how cleaning operations are carried out is the “edge machine.” In this article, we elucidate how adopting the latest edge machine technologies can revolutionise your cleaning practices without any compromises on efficiency or cleanliness.

The Power of the Edge Machine in Cleaning

As its name suggests, edge machines are designed to reach and clean the edges or those hard-to-reach corners that traditional cleaning equipment often misses. Industrial cleaning machines like these increase the effectiveness of your cleaning, covering all places from large flat surfaces to tricky corners.

Sectors That Benefit from Edge Machines

The impact of advanced cleaning technology goes beyond just commercial and industrial spaces. Varying sectors can leverage the power of edge machines for improved cleanliness and enhanced operational efficiency.

Healthcare Cleaning

In healthcare facilities, the benefits of an edge machine are twofold. Aside from thorough cleaning, it aids in infection control, which is crucial for health institutions. Through steam floor cleaning, edge machines provide deep cleaning, sanitisation and ensure patient safety.

Food Service Cleaning

Food service entities have a responsibility to maintain impeccable hygiene standards. With edge machines, deep cleaning is achieved, right down to the grout lines, ensuring a clean environment that matches food handling rules and regulations.

Hospitality Cleaning

In the world of hospitality, first impressions matter. Edge machines provide an immaculate appearance to welcome guests, thanks to their effective surface and carpet cleaning functionalities.

Industrial Cleaning

In heavy-duty environments like factories, the edge machine’s powerful cleaning and high-temperature steam options can handle multiple tasks, removing even the most stubborn grime and debris. For specific machinery cleaning, tools such as The Jetvac Eco come in handy.

Why Choose Duplex’s Edge Machine Solutions

Duplex Cleaning Machines consistently delivers innovative cleaning solutions across diverse industry sectors. We specialise in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, ensuring exemplary results even in challenging environments. Our edge machines are no exception, offering top-notch cleaning results owing to their impressive scrubbing power and steam generating capacities.

Further, we provide demonstrations and training sessions, ensuring customers get the most out of their purchases. Our services do not stop at selling cleaning equipment. We also offer opportunities for those looking to start a cleaning business in association with our brand.

Keeping Your Edge Machine in Top Working Condition

To maximise the long-term benefits of your edge machine, proper maintenance is recommended. From vacuum cleaners maintenance to floor scrubbers maintenance, we provide extensive guidance on keeping your equipment in the best possible working condition.

To learn more about our impressive range of cutting-edge machines, including product specifications, functionalities, and pricing options, get in touch today. Request a quote or book a demo to see our machines in action!

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