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Revolutionising High-School Cleaning with Steam Cleaners in Australia

Introduction to High-School Cleaning With Steam

Cleaning high-school premises is an overwhelming task, but what would the scenario look like if we revolutionise it with steam cleaners in Australia? Imagine a tool efficient on all surfaces, eco-friendly, and most importantly, capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. Yes, that’s exactly what Duplex Cleaning Machines offers in its comprehensive range of steam cleaning equipment. This blog post presents professional-quality, high-performance steam cleaners in Australia, specifically designed for high-school cleaning.

Importance of Comprehensive Cleaning in Schools

Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy high-school environment is essential for student productivity, staff performance, and overall wellbeing. High-contact areas, such as classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities, and bathrooms, become a fertile ground for bacteria, allergens, and viruses if not adequately cleaned. The use of steam cleaners eliminates these issues, providing a healthier environment for everyone.

Efficient and Effective Cleaning with Duplex Steam Cleaners

Duplex Cleaning Machines, a leading provider of commercial cleaning equipment, offer a distinctive set of steam cleaners specifically tailored to tackle the challenging high-school premises. These machines are known for their efficiency, speed and the ability to remove stubborn dirt, stains, and harmful contaminants from all types of surfaces. Whether it’s tile grout, hard floors, carpets, kitchen equipment, or washrooms, our steam cleaning machines excel in delivering unmatched cleanliness and hygiene.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning in Schools

Switching to steam cleaners for school cleaning has numerous benefits. Firstly, steam cleaning ensures a healthier school environment by eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses without leaving toxic residues. Secondly, the cleaning is more efficient and faster with steam, decreasing the manpower and time required to clean large areas. Thirdly, it’s eco-friendly, and finally, the lifetime costs are substantially lower than traditional cleaning methods. It is indeed an investment that returns numerous intangible benefits.

High-Quality Duplex Steam Cleaning Systems

We at Duplex Cleaning Machines are home to high-quality steam cleaning systems designed for school premises cleaning. Our robust machines are ideal for removing stubborn dirt and residues trapped in many areas of a school. The integration of superior technology, such as high temperature and pressure steam jets, ensures the comprehensive removal of contaminants.

An Invitation to Experience Our Steam Cleaners

But why simply read about the efficiency when you can experience it? We invite you to book a live demo of our cleaning machines at Book a Demo. You can also visit our Become a Duplex Distributor page to learn more about becoming a part of the Duplex team.


Revolutionising high-school cleaning processes with steam cleaners in Australia is now easier than ever. Switch to steam cleaning and invest in Duplex’s effective, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions today. Discover how Duplex makes cleaning quick, simple, and thorough with steam cleaners.