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The Magic of Machines That Clean Grout: The Revolutionary Disruptor in Commercial Cleaning


Grout cleaning has always been seen as a challenging task within cleaning circles. Not anymore, thanks to the advent of machines that clean grout. In the modern cleaning industry, these machines have revolutionised the way we clean, particularly in commercial and industrial settings such as those served by Duplex Cleaning Machines.

The Need for Grout Cleaning Machines

Grout is a porous substance, making it the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria. This fact coupled with the difficulty of manual cleaning, highlights the importance of efficient grout cleaning machines. In industries like healthcare, food service, and hospitality, where hygiene is the utmost priority, the need for proper, efficient, and fast grout cleaning solutions is paramount.

Why Choose Machines That Clean Grout?

Machines that clean grout save time, effort, and resources. They consistently deliver superior cleaning results where traditional methods fail. The Jetvac Eco, for instance, is a device that provides a high-pressure steam cleaning solution, capable of targeting grout and removing the accumulated dirt efficiently.

The Role of Duplex Cleaning Machines

At Duplex Cleaning Machines, we specialise in cutting-edge commercial and industrial cleaning equipment that caters to various sectors’ unique needs. Explore our range of machines, from floor scrubbers to steam cleaning systems, perfect for grout cleaning and beyond.

The Benefits of Using Our Machines

Our machines that clean grout provide numerous benefits. Superior cleaning efficiency, the ability to clean deeply embedded dirt, significant time savings, and a more hygienic cleaning process are just a few. We also offer demonstrations and training, providing our customers with a chance to understand and make the best out of our equipment.

Starting A Cleaning Business with Machines That Clean Grout

Duplex Cleaning Machines also offers opportunities for anyone seeking to start a cleaning business. With our comprehensive range of cleaning machines, support services, and access to the latest industrial cleaning innovations, setting up your cleaning enterprise is as straightforward as it can get.


Machines that clean grout have revolutionised the cleaning industry, delivering efficient and hygienic solutions. As a leading provider, Duplex Cleaning Machines continues to innovate and redefine the domestic and commercial cleaning landscape. To learn more about our product range and services, check our About Us page or book a demo with us today.

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