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Why Australian Businesses Are Switching to Cordless Floor Cleaners

In the competitive world of Australian business, where vast commercial spaces require impeccable cleanliness, technological innovation is key. Cordless floor cleaners have emerged as essential tools, transforming the approach to maintaining these large areas. The Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner stands out as an exemplary choice for those ready to adopt this technology. Here’s why this and similar devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Challenges in Traditional Floor Cleaning

Traditional floor cleaning machines, tethered by cords, pose several problems: limited mobility, increased safety risks from tripping hazards, and the inefficiency of managing cords in large spaces like malls and offices. These issues can significantly hamper cleaning efficiency and safety, crucial factors in environments where cleanliness directly impacts customer perception and satisfaction.

The Shift to Cordless Floor Cleaners

To overcome these challenges, more businesses across Australia are adopting cordless floor cleaners. These devices offer unmatched flexibility and mobility, allowing staff to clean large areas without the constraints of power outlets. This shift not only boosts productivity but also enhances safety by eliminating the tripping hazards associated with cords.

Safer Work Environments

The lack of cords also means a safer work environment, reducing tripping hazards in busy areas—a significant advantage given Australia’s stringent safety regulations.

Advantages of the Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner

The Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner exemplifies the best in modern cleaning technology. Its cordless design, powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries, ensures robust performance and longevity, making it ideal for the demanding scope of large commercial environments. Its efficiency and ease of use save valuable time and reduce operational costs, which is essential for businesses focused on optimising their resources.

Recognition for Excellence

The Duplex Lithium Hybrid, awarded the INCLEAN Excellence Award 2023 trophy for innovation in small equipment at ISSA Oceania.

Highlighting its industry-leading capabilities, the Duplex Lithium Hybrid won an award in the Equipment-small category at the 2023 INCLEAN Excellence Awards, which were part of the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo. This accolade is a testament to the cleaner’s innovative design and its alignment with the needs of modern businesses seeking effective, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Why Choose the Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner

Choosing a cordless floor cleaner like the Duplex Lithium Hybrid makes sense for businesses that value efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This award-winning cleaner not only addresses the practical limitations of traditional cleaning equipment but also meets stringent environmental standards with its energy-efficient features.


As Australian businesses continue to evolve and adapt to new challenges in maintaining clean, safe, and inviting spaces, technology such as the Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner plays a crucial role. Recognised for its excellence and perfectly suited to meet the demands of vast commercial spaces, this cleaner is an exemplary choice for those ready to enhance their cleaning processes and environmental footprint.

To learn more about how the Duplex Lithium Hybrid Floor Cleaner can benefit your business, visit the INCLEAN Excellence Awards Winner.