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Maximising your Automotive Cleaning Efficiency with Steam Vapour

Duplex Jetvac Steam Cleaner in action, demonstrating the eco-friendly cleaning of a car's exterior duco without chemicals.

This blog discusses how to use steam vapour cleaning instead of traditional cleaning methods to maximise efficiency in automotive cleaning.

High thermal sanitisation of car interior and cleaning inside automotive vehicle

As an automotive business owner, it is important to increase cleaning efficiency in order to ensure a return on investment. However, traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming and may not be enough to remove all dirt and grime, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, the chemicals used in traditional car cleaning can potentially damage the surfaces of vehicles. This is where steam vapour cleaning comes in as a game-changer.

Steam vapour cleaning is an eco-friendly, efficient, and chemical-free cleaning method that can be used to clean a car’s interior and exterior, maximising cleaning efficiency in an automotive business. This method is environmentally friendly, as it uses little water and does not necessitate the use of harsh chemicals.

Image showcasing advanced steam cleaning technology, ideal for comprehensive and efficient cleaning of vehicle interiors and exteriors.
Elevating Vehicle Maintenance: The Power of Car Steam Cleaning.

Here are some tips for maximising your automotive cleaning efficiency with steam vapour:

1. Invest in a quality steam cleaner:

Jetsteam Maxi Inox is widely recognised as amongst the most reliable in the industry and is popular among mobile car wash and car detailing companies. Investing in a quality steam cleaner can be the first step to maximising your automotive cleaning efficiency.

2. Use the appropriate tools and attachments for different types of surfaces:

Steam cleaners come with various attachments designed for different surfaces. Make sure you use the appropriate attachment for each surface to achieve the best results.

3. Start with the interior:

When cleaning, it is best to start with the interior surfaces to prevent dirt and grime from transferring to the exterior surfaces. Use the steam cleaner to clean the dashboard, seats, carpets, and headliner to get rid of stubborn stains, kill bacteria, and leave your car smelling fresh.

4. Move to the exterior:

After cleaning the interior, move to the exterior. Start by steaming the wheels and rims to remove dirt and brake dust. Then use the steam cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the body, windows and mirrors. Steam vapour cleaning is particularly effective in removing tar, bugs, and bird droppings.

5. Finally, wipe everything down:

Use a microfibre cloth or chamois to dry your car to prevent water spots from forming over the surfaces.

In conclusion, steam vapour cleaning is an efficient and effective way to clean your car. By following the tips above, you can maximise your automotive cleaning efficiency. 

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