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Surface and Floor Disinfection in Beauty Care Centre

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Most beauty care centres are still recovering, so we encourage all beauticians and business owners to ensure that maintaining the highest hygiene standards remains a top priority this year.

Providing a greater deal of confidence to your patrons and staff by maintaining impeccable cleanliness is essential in today’s environment, where contamination risks are a fundamental concern.

What could be the most effective, cost-efficient way to maintain cleanliness at beauty care premises?

Since safety is the customer’s number one priority, consider these four chemical-free solutions to ensure deep cleaning, sanitising, and disinfection in beauty care clinics with minimal labour:

1. Thermal Sanitation

Thermal sanitation ensures the cleanliness of beauty equipment and surfaces that are regularly touched by customers and staff in less time with a steam vapour machine.

Steam Disinfection in Beauty Centre

2. Duplex Steam Floor Cleaner and Jetvac Junior

Floor sweeping, scrubbing, and disinfecting all at once with a Duplex 280 and Dry steam vacuuming Jetvac Junior commercial steam vacuum cleaner.

Floor Disinfection Banner

3. Mobile UV Disinfection

Disinfect air and rooms with Mobile UV disinfection – using UV lights to regularly disinfect surfaces and air. UV lights destroy coronavirus, bacteria, superbugs and other viruses that often linger around or on surfaces.

UV Disinfection on Beauty Centre equipment and  surfaces

4. MUVi Touch Point

Highly touched surfaces such as door knobs, leather chairs, wash basins, cash registers, EFTPOS machines, or beauty care equipment are major causes of harbouring viruses and bacteria organisms. Ensure regular UV disinfection on frequently touched areas with MUVi Touch Point.

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Join our weekly online demonstration or request for on-site demonstration – thousands of customers have already benefited from these sessions.

Should you have a further enquiry or would like to arrange an on-site demonstration of beauty centre cleaning with our versatile cleaning equipment range, please contact us on 1800 622 770.