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Image showcasing state-of-the-art automotive cleaning systems, designed for efficient and thorough vehicle maintenance.

Fast, Effective and High Quality

Commercial Cleaning

Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.
Main view of a commericial steam cleaning machines by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
commerical and Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.

Automotive Steam Cleaning and Car Detailing

Most car detailers know the power of steam helps to easily remove stains and sanitise car interiors. What makes Duplex Steam Cleaning Machines stand out is the high temperature dry steam, which not only blasts through the toughest stains but also leaves upholstery dry after cleaning.

Advantages of Duplex Cleaning Technology

Reduce Cleaning Time

WH&S Friendly

No Chemicals Needed

Less Water

Carpet Maintenance and Spill Treatment

Ideal for a variety of car seats, including those made of cloth, leather, and pleather, Duplex dry steam cleaners excel in eliminating oils and stains. Their 94% dry steam technology ensures your car seats are not only deeply cleaned but also left looking pristine.

Interior Cleaning

For a comprehensive interior clean, Duplex dry steam cleaners are unmatched. Equipped with specialised attachments, they effortlessly reach and cleanse every nook and cranny, including challenging spots like cup holders, door jams, and hinges. The added vacuum feature ensures a meticulous removal of all dirt and crumbs.

Upholstery Revival

Restore your car's upholstery to its original splendour using the Duplex Jetvac's triangle brush. This tool is specifically designed to tackle and remove residues from spills and ingrained dirt effectively. The dry steam's heat not only lifts dirt and odours, such as smoke but also ensures a quick drying process, leaving your upholstery fresh and rejuvenated in minutes.


Image showcasing the effectiveness of steam cleaning technology in removing stains and spots from car interiors.

Stain/Spot Removal

Deodorise Upholstery: Effectively eliminates the root cause of odours, leaving upholstery smelling fresh
Quick Dry & Ready Use: Ensures furniture is hygienically clean and dry, ready for use within minutes
Cost-Effective Solution: Saves significant costs compared to hiring external cleaning contractors, offering economic efficiency
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for effectively cleaning and revitalising carpet floors in vehicles.


Lift Dirt and Odours: Removes deeply embedded dirt and neutralises odours from carpet fibres
Rapid Drying Process: Enables carpets to dry quickly, reducing wait times
Preserve Carpet Appearance: Restores and maintains the original condition of carpets, extending their lifespan
Image showcasing the use of steam cleaning technology for deep cleaning and revitalising leather seats in vehicles.

Leather Seats Cleaning

Lift Dirt from Leather: Safely removes dirt and oil, preserving the leather’s quality
Revive Leather's Lustre: Restores leather to its original rich appearance without damaging it
Chemical-Free Cleaning: Protects leather seats by avoiding harmful chemicals
Image showcasing the use of steam cleaning technology for effectively cleaning door jambs in vehicles, ensuring thorough cleanliness and detail.


High-Pressure Cleaning: Blasts away residues in door jams with powerful steam pressure
Simplify Cleaning Process: The steam heat makes cleaning door jambs effortless and effective
Detail Oriented Approach: Ensures thorough cleaning of often-neglected areas for a polished look
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for effectively cleaning and restoring dashboards in vehicles.

Dashboard Cleaning

Remove Dust Effectively: Cleans off dust and dirt from dashboards without the need for chemicals
Ensure a Matte Finish: Leaves a non-reflective, glare-free surface for safer driving
Environmentally Friendly: Offers a green cleaning solution by avoiding harmful substances

Window Cleaning

Streak-Free Windows: Cleans windows to a clear, streak-free finish
Avoid Chemical Use: Promotes an eco-friendly approach by eliminating chemical cleaners
Efficient Cleaning Method: Streamlines window cleaning for quick and effective results
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for cleaning windows to a clear, streak-free finish.
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for effectively cleaning door panels in vehicles.

Door Panel Cleaning

Melt Away Stains: Removes stains, oil, or dirt from door panels effectively
Easy Grime Removal: Facilitates quick wiping off of melted grime, ensuring cleanliness
Maintain Panel Condition: Helps preserve the look and integrity of door panels
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for effectively cleaning and restoring vehicle wheels.

Wheel Cleaning

Break Down Brake Dust: Easily removes tough brake dust from wheels
Thorough Rinsing: Utilises water injection for effective wheel cleaning
Save Time and Effort: Makes the wheel cleaning process more efficient
Image showcasing the use of steam cleaning technology for effectively cleaning and maintaining the exterior duco of cars.

Exterior Car Duco Cleaning

Minimal Water Usage: Cleans the exterior with less water, ideal for indoor use
Light Soil Removal: Effectively cleans lightly soiled car exteriors
No Excess Water: Prevents water wastage and runoff, making it
Image showcasing Duplex's car steam cleaning technology, ideal for safely and effectively removing bugs and tar from the front duco and grill area of vehicles.

Removing Bugs from Front Duco

Melt Bugs and Tar: Safely and effectively removes bugs and tar from the front duco and grill area
Safe for Clear Coat: Cleans without damaging the car’s clear coat, preserving the integrity and shine of the paint
Avoid Strong Chemicals: Utilises gentle methods that are effective yet free from harsh chemicals, protecting both the car and the environment


The Duplex range of products for car steam cleaning encompasses steam cleaners, steam vacuums, and high-filtration vacuums. Each has been meticulously engineered to enhance cleaning efficacy, efficiency, ergonomics, versatility, and environmental considerations.


Car Exteriors Cleaning without Chemicals using Duplex Jetvac Steam Cleaner
Car Leather Seats Cleaning
Cleaning and Restore Alloy Wheels with Duplex Jetvac Junior Steam Cleaner
Cleaning Engine Bays with Duplex High Pressure Steam Cleaner
Car Interior Carpet Cleaning and Deodorisation with Duplex Steam Cleaner
Cleaning Door Jambs in Cars
Stain and Spot Removal in Car Interiors with Duplex Steam
Car Dashboard Cleaning and Deodorising with Duplex Steam Cleaning Equipment
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Duplex machines are stamped with Smart Approved WaterMark stamp
Smart Approved Water Mark is Australia's water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of it's kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved Water Mark stamp.   Learn more

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