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Fast, Effective and High Quality

Commercial Cleaning

Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.
Main view of a commericial steam cleaning machines by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
commerical and Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.

Food and Beverage Industry Cleaning Solutions

Enhancing Hygiene in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Struggling with cleaning challenges in the food and beverage industry? Difficulty in maintaining equipment and appliances without compromising quality? Consider our compact, versatile cleaning machines to reduce cleaning time, water, and chemical usage while delivering superior cleaning results.

Advantages of Duplex Cleaning Technology

Reduce Cleaning Time

WH&S Friendly

No Chemicals Needed

Less Water


Our Duplex machines feature twin counter-rotating brushes with 600,000 bristles at 650rpm. The Duplex 420 improves occupational health and safety by reducing repetitive injuries and chemical use. JetSteam and JetVac Steam Vacuum range significantly cut down water consumption and eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

Easy and Simple to Use

Activate the machines with a simple button press, utilising +155°C superheated, 94% dry steam for effortless cleaning, sanitising, and deodorising.


Equipped with a wide array of advanced accessories and tools, our machines offer versatile cleaning solutions that facilitate deep cleaning and sanitation across all types of surfaces.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions WITH DUPLEX CLEANING MACHINES

Food Industry Cleaning Solutions with Duplex Cleaning Machine
How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen with Duplex Steam Cleaner
How to Steam Clean Mining Sites Using Duplex Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Jetvac Major - 10 Bar Heavy Duty Steam Vacuum Generator
Steam Pressure Model
Batvac 50 Dry Wet Vacuum Cleaner


Image showcasing advanced floor cleaning machinery in action within a food and beverage manufacturing setting, highlighting superior hygiene standards.

Floor Cleaning

Versatile Cleaning: Our Duplex 420 Steam floorscrubber is perfect for various floor types - tiles, carpet, or timber, offering simultaneous scrubbing, washing, and drying
Efficient and Thorough: Ensure all floor surfaces in food industry sectors are impeccably clean, enhancing hygiene and safety
Photograph depicting the cleaning of stainless steel surfaces in a food and beverage manufacturing facility using advanced cleaning technology.

Stainless Steel Surfaces Cleaning

Tough Dirt Removal: Easily clean high, hard-to-reach stainless steel surfaces with our steam machines and extension tools, melting away oil and dirt
Safety and Aesthetics: Improve OH&S and rejuvenate stainless steel surfaces, making them look new and maintaining a pristine environment
Image showing the effective cleaning of hard stains and oil greases in a food and beverage manufacturing environment with specialized equipment.

Degreasing Hard Stains and Oil Greases

High-Temperature Efficiency: Use our high-temperature steam to melt oily grime, effectively tackling hard stains and oil greases
Powerful Cleaning Action: High-pressure steam blasts off surface contaminants, ensuring deep cleanliness in food and beverage manufacturing areas
Image demonstrating the thorough cleaning of equipment and processing systems in the food and beverage manufacturing sector using advanced machinery.

Equipment and Processing Systems

Prevent Rust and Maintain Cleanliness: Clean food processor systems and electrical appliances with JetSteam and JetVac cleaners to prevent rust and ensure functional, clean equipment
Comprehensive Equipment Care: Regular cleaning with our industrial cleaners keeps all equipment in optimal condition for smooth operation
Image displaying the meticulous cleaning of food processors in a food and beverage manufacturing facility with specialised equipment.

Food Processor Cleaning

Sanitisation and Disinfection: Utilise Jetvac steam vac machines to sanitise and disinfect food manufacturing equipment and areas
Effective and Safe Cleaning: Ensure thorough cleanliness without damaging equipment, maintaining high hygiene standards
Image illustrating the thorough cleaning of conveyor belts in a food and beverage manufacturing environment with specialised equipment.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Deep Sanitisation: Thoroughly clean and sanitise conveyor belts to restore quality and improve hygiene in food handling
Hygienic Food Manufacturing: Maintain a clean and safe environment in food manufacturing warehouses with our efficient cleaning solutions


Our Duplex collection, comprising floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, steam vacuums, and high-filtration vacuums, stands out for its commitment to enhancing cleaning efficiency, user-friendliness, and environmental sustainability. The JetSteam and JetVac models, in particular, are exceptionally suited for the demanding environment of the food and beverage industry.
Smart Approved Watermark logo
Duplex machines are stamped with Smart Approved WaterMark stamp
Smart Approved Water Mark is Australia's water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of it's kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved Water Mark stamp.   Learn more

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