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Image showcasing Duplex Cleaning Machines' range of cleaning equipment, ideal for a variety of surfaces such as carpet floors, hard floors, tiled surfaces, and walls in function centres.

Function Centre Cleaning Solutions

Fast, Effective and High Quality

Commercial Cleaning

Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.
Main view of a commericial steam cleaning machines by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
commerical and Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.

Function Centre Cleaning Solutions

Advanced Hygiene for Event and Convention Venues
In the dynamic environment of function centres and convention venues, maintaining cleanliness is essential. Duplex Cleaning Machines offers a comprehensive range of steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, and vacuums, tailored for the unique cleaning needs of these spaces. Our range is designed to tackle diverse cleaning challenges in function centres:
High-temperature steam vapour for cleaning outdoor courtyards
Professional-grade equipment for removing dirt, gum, and graffiti from outside surfaces
Ideal solutions for canteens, showers, toilet blocks, changing rooms, and more

Advantages of Duplex Cleaning Technology

Reduce Cleaning Time

WH&S Friendly

No Chemicals Needed

Less Water

Fast OH&S-Friendly Floor Cleaning

With Duplex floor scrubbers' twin counter-rotating brushes moving at 900 rpm and Jetsteam cleaners' continuous steam power, achieve deep cleaning and sanitisation efficiently and safely.

Easy and Simple Operation

Our products are designed for ease of use, featuring portable, transportable, and one-hand operation capabilities. The manoeuvrable Jetvac range simplifies the cleaning process.

Environmentally Friendly

Our equipment requires very little water, using less than 3 litres per hour. This efficiency results in significant water savings and minimises the time needed for equipment to dry. Surfaces treated with our machines dry instantly, reducing the risk of slips and falls on floors and allowing immediate use of the cleaned equipment.

Public Venues Cleaning Solutions WITH DUPLEX CLEANING MACHINES

Duplex Floor Cleaning Machines
Bathroom Cleaning
Cinema Steam Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning with Duplex Steam Cleaner
Ideal Cleaning Solutions for Public Venues


Image showcasing Duplex Cleaning Machines' range of cleaning equipment, ideal for a variety of surfaces such as carpet floors, hard floors, tiled surfaces, and walls in function centres.


The Duplex 280, Duplex 340, Duplex 420, and Jetvac Junior are versatile for cleaning both carpet and hard floors
Jetsteam Maxi and Jetvac Pro are ideal for deep cleaning grouts, hard tiles, and walls with additional toolkits
These machines produce 180-degree Celsius steam to kill bacteria, remove stains, deodorise, and restore carpets and surfaces to a brand new state
Jetvac Maxi is also suitable for deep cleaning large surfaces in rough floors or halls
Image showcasing Duplex Cleaning Machines' versatile cleaning equipment, ideal for diverse areas and surfaces in function centres during wedding and accommodation events.


The Duplex Floor Scrubbers are popular for cleaning large areas of Flotex and hard floors
For effective table cleaning, equipment sanitising, and deodorising at wedding functions, the Jetsteam Tosca or Jetsteam Maxi is ideal
These provide continuous steam, perfect for areas where power access is limited, and are compact for easy transportation
Image illustrating Duplex Cleaning Machines' versatile cleaning equipment, perfect for all areas, surfaces, and equipment in catering functions at function centres.


Perfect for all areas, surfaces, and equipment in catering functions
Suitable for cleaning hard floors, long-piled carpets, bathroom tiles, tables, stage areas, kitchen equipment, and front counters
The JetVac steam vacuum efficiently cleans a variety of surfaces and areas


The Duplex products comprise floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, steam vacuums, and high-filtration vacuums, all designed to enhance cleaning effectiveness, efficiency, ergonomics, versatility, and ecological considerations. The JetSteam or JetVac series is particularly suitable for routinely cleaning textile and hard surfaces in function centres within the Duplex range.
Smart Approved Watermark logo
Duplex machines are stamped with Smart Approved WaterMark stamp
Smart Approved Water Mark is Australia's water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of it's kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved Water Mark stamp.   Learn more

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