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Jetvac Steam Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Guide

Applicable Models: Eco, Junior, Maxi, and Major
The Jetvac Industrial machine in action, highlighting its cleaning power and efficiency in an industrial setting.

Pristine Condition Through Regular Care

Keeping your Jetvac steam vacuum cleaner in prime condition ensures it performs efficiently and effectively. Basic maintenance, focused on regular boiler descaling and component checks, is straightforward and crucial for optimal operation.
Although the Jetvac has a user-friendly design that simplifies maintenance across all models, there are specific maintenance techniques that vary between the Eco, Maxi, Major, and Inox models.

Maintenance Checklist and Instructional Video

The Importance of Descaling:
The high temperatures inside the boiler can precipitate solid impurities from the water. Over time, these impurities accumulate, leading to reduced efficiency, slower heating times, diminished steam output, and potential damage to internal components.

Jetvac Cleaner Maintenance Checklist

Boiler Draining

Frequency: Every week, when the machine is cool.

Purpose: To remove bulk scale deposits from the bottom of the steam boiler.

Process: Unscrew the boiler drainage screw located underneath the unit.

O-Ring Inspection

Regularly check the O-Rings in the connection socket and steam hose to prevent steam leaks.

Water Filter Maintenance

A small water filter inside the water tank protects the pump. Ensure it remains clean by only using clean water.

Steam Hose Care

Avoid pulling the Jetvac by the hose to prevent stretching and potential damage to internal wiring.

Cleaning Attachments

Clean steam tools with steam or water after use. Replace worn nylon bristles on tools as necessary.

Vacuum Drum & Float Care

Clean out the vacuum drum after use to avoid odors and stains. Flush the vacuum hose with water if possible.

Clean the float and mesh on the vacuum head after use, as they protect the vacuum motor and may not function correctly if heavily soiled. (Not applicable for Eco models)

Jetvac Descaling Process

For the longevity and performance of your Jetvac steam vacuum, regular boiler maintenance is critical. This includes both preventing and removing scale.

Bulk Scale Removal

Every 1-3 weeks
The JetVac's heating elements are designed with a self-cleaning mechanism, allowing the majority of scale to settle at the boiler's bottom for effortless removal. Follow these steps:

Initial Preparation: Fill the "Boiler" with cold water—avoid turning the boiler on. Gently shake the machine to loosen any scale. For continuous machines, ensure they are turned on and the reserve tank filled.

Draining: Position the machine either outdoors or above a bucket and unscrew the 'Boiler Drainage Cap' located underneath to evacuate the water and scale from the boiler.

Rinsing: Flush 5-9 litres of water (three times the boiler's volume) through the boiler, shaking the machine lightly to guarantee all scale is dislodged. For continuous refilling units, the machine needs to be turned on (boiler excluded) for this flushing process.

Completion: Reinstall the 'Boiler Drainage Cap' and resume normal machine use.

Note: In regions with hard water, descaling might be required more frequently.

Fine Scale Removal

Every 3 Months or 100 Operating Hours
To eradicate fine scale deposits within the steam lines and pumps, utilise a standard chemical descaler.

Descaler Acquisition: Obtain a descaler. We advocate for "ExpressoKleen," a harmless, citric acid-based powder descaler provided in single-use sachets.

Preparation: Empty all water from the steam generator's 'Boiler' and, if applicable, the 'Reserve Tank'.

Solution Preparation: Measure and blend the necessary amount of descaling solution (triple the boiler's volume). When using 'ExpressoKleen', mix each necessary sachet with 1-1.5 litres of warm water.

Descaling: Introduce the descaling solution into the 'Boiler' or, for continuous systems, the 'Reserve Tank'. Activate the steam generator, turn on the boiler, and boil the descaler for approximately 10 minutes.

Cooling and Draining: Post-heating, switch off the 'Boiler' and allow the solution to cool for 30-60 minutes. Once cooled, carefully remove the 'Boiler Drainage Cap' to empty the boiler's contents.

Final Rinse: Purge the boiler with clean water to eliminate any residual descaler. For continuous steamers, activate the power switch (excluding the boiler) and flush through 5-9 litres of water (three times the boiler size).

Completion: Reinstall the 'Boiler Drainage Cap' and resume normal machine use.

Professional Servicing

For the best care, have your Duplex jetvac cleaner serviced regularly by a licensed Duplex Distributor or a Duplex-trained technician. For information on your nearest service outlet, contact Duplex Cleaning Machines at 1800 622 770 or via our contact us form.
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