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Escalator Cleaning

Business Package

Start an escalator cleaning business with Duplex Cleaning Machines, leveraging advanced cleaning technology for unmatched results.
Image showcasing commercial cleaning services and equipment.

Start a Cleaning Business

Main view of a commericial steam cleaning machines by Duplex Cleaning Machines.
commerical and Industrial steam cleaning machine in action at a commercial facility.

Escalator Cleaning Business Package

Embark on a Lucrative Journey with Our Escalator Cleaning Business Package
Are you looking for a niche in the cleaning industry with high demand and low competition? Duplex Cleaning Machines presents an exceptional opportunity with our start-up escalator cleaning business package, designed for those eager to establish a dominant presence in a specialised cleaning sector.


Escalators are integral to the infrastructure of shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, hospitals, railway stations, and exhibition pavilions, yet they pose significant cleaning challenges.
Traditional cleaning methods are laborious and inefficient, requiring escalators to be dismantled and cleaned manually, a process that can take days.
The Duplex Escalator offers a groundbreaking solution, allowing for continuous cleaning while the escalator is in motion, dramatically reducing downtime and labour costs.


With Duplex, you gain access to cutting-edge escalator cleaning technology that sets you apart in the market. Our Duplex Escalator cleaner, equipped with a patented guide rail system, cleans escalators as they move, ensuring thorough and efficient results. This innovation not only simplifies the cleaning process but also offers a more attractive service to potential clients by minimising disruption to their operations.
Services Your Escalator Cleaning Business Could Offer:
Image demonstrating the Duplex Escalator Combi's ability to clean to the very edge of an escalator.
Shopping Centre Escalator Cleaning
Duplex escalator cleaner effectively cleaning right up to the edges of the steps.
Airport Escalator Sanitisation
Duplex escalator cleaner showcasing its patented guide rail.
Sports Stadium Escalator Maintenance
Image highlighting the Vacuum Attachment Feature of the Duplex Combi Escalator Cleaning Machine.
Hospital Escalator Cleaning
Start an escalator cleaning business with Duplex Cleaning Machines, leveraging advanced cleaning technology for unmatched results.
Railway Station Escalator Care
Exhibition Pavilion Escalator Cleaning


Seize the opportunity to lead your own business with Duplex. Our escalator cleaning business model offers you complete autonomy, free from hidden fees and binding contracts. We support your journey to success with premium escalator cleaning equipment and expert guidance.
For more information on how to launch your escalator cleaning business with Duplex, contact us at 1800 622 700. We are committed to customising a Duplex solution that aligns with your business goals.
*The selection of Duplex products will influence prices and offerings.


Ready to transform your entrepreneurial vision into a thriving escalator cleaning business? Our guide details the steps to establish and expand your venture. From strategic planning to enhancing your brand's reputation, discover the essentials for success in the specialised cleaning industry. Begin your journey to a successful escalator cleaning business today!

How to start and run your own


A step-by-step guide to starting & running a cleaning business on a budget.
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Duplex now have the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp
Smart Approved Water Mark is Australia's water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of it's kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved Water Mark stamp.   Learn more
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